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Earn To Die 2 Unblocked

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earntodie2unblocked.comEarn To Die 2 Unblocked is a worthwhile addition to the game, bringing even more fuel to the action! The easy-to-play side-scroller is based on a post-apocalyptic scenario, where zombies have taken over the world. As a result, the best way to reach for safety is by jumping inside fully equipped trucks or race cars and running over hordes of the walking dead.Earn To Die 2 Unblocked has three levels, relying on a relatively simple gameplay which includes tapping the UP key (or W) for accelerating the vehicle, using the LEFT (A) and RIGHT (D) keys for tilting it and lastly the X key (CONTROL) for using the received boost. Players are presented with a short cinematic elaborating how the main character ended up in the Desert Dash (i.e. the starting point on the map) and soon they become acquainted with the Garage. Items from the garage may be purchased with money gained from either crossing a large distance with the vehicle or eliminating enough zombies, actions which provide players with cash at the end of an episode. Whether it’s a Diesel drag truck, a school bus, a fire truck or a racecar, advancement in the game is strongly tied to the amount of tweaks added to the vehicle (e.g. improved gear box, zombie kit, twin propeller, etc.). Players must also mind their fuel, as running over stinky corpses can demand a lot from the vehicle’s engine. Luckily, rewards are plentiful and fuel isn’t too expensive – given this aspect, it costs around a hundred bucks to have a full tank (in-game currency). Highly entertaining, Earn To Die 2 Unblocked has everything trending at the moment: brain-eaters, tweaked cars and overpowered methods to defeat the pesky enemies. Keeping close track of your progress and always rewarding advancement, it certainly is a must try!

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